Guest Rooms

We have six guest accommodations at Garbutt’s, all spacious and fully air-conditioned

Each guest accommodation features two beds, private baths, hot showers, cable TV, wireless internet, and a deck with uninterrupted views overlooking the open Caribbean Sea.

Our accommodations are a testament to the fact that we are anglers and built our lodge for anglers.  There is plenty of space for your equipment, rigging, cleaning of equipment at the end of each day.  Each day starts out with you loading into the boats from off the main dock of the lodge on the backside of Joe Taylor Creek.

Our guides will assist with the loading and storing of all necessary equipment.  Walking from your accommodations to the main lodge and dock takes only a minute as it is only a few feet from your accommodations.

Cabana Garbutts fishing lodge Belize
Cabana Garbutts fishing lodge Belize
Cabana interior Garbutts fishing lodge Belize
Cabanas Garbutts fishing lodge Belize
Cabanas ocean side Garbutts fishing lodge Belize

we do offer exceptional opportunities for those interested in conventional fishing techniques

Conventional Fishing

The package rates are exactly the same for conventional anglers as for fly anglers.