Snorkeling / Diving

Yes, Garbutt’s is a fishing focused operation. However, we also offer worldclass snorkeling and diving opportunities in some of the most remote and untraveled waters / sections of the barrier reef. With our access to the Port Of Honduras Marine Reserve, as well as the Sapodilla Cayes, you can experience some of the most unpressured and unpopulated portions of the Belize Barrier Reef.

Day trips and full snorkeling or diving packages are available staying with us at our home base in Punta Gorda or at our remote outpost on Lime Caye in the Sapodilla Cayes. For those interested in truly experiencing the beauty that can be found under the water along the Belize Barrier Reef we recommend our remote outpost camp at Lime Caye. This location provides quick access to numerous snorkeling and diving sites. It is more common to be the only boat at these dive sites than it is to have other operators sharing the sites.

A variety of fish and coral species can be found in this section of the Barrier Reef. Being the furthest south in Belize also provides the ability to experience the Barrier Reef as it has been for hundreds and even thousands of years. This remote portion of the reef system hasn’t seen the large number of snorkelers and divers that the northern portion of the reef system has. This means large healthy coral formations, large fish populations, aggregation sites, huge populations of smaller fish species and great visibility.

Please contact us to learn more about the wonderful snorkeling and diving opportunities with us here at Garbutt’s and at our outpost location on Lime Caye.

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